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We can offer guide services in Norwegian, English, Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Polish, Croatian, Arabic, Armenian, Hungarian and in sign language.

We also tailor make tours to your request, including transport and/or food. Experience the Stavanger region together with one of our knowledgeable and committed guides.
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Highlights of Stavanger by foot

Join us on an exciting tour of Stavanger, and see: - Stavanger Cathedral: Built in 1125 AD. The only medievel cathedral which has maintained its orginal design. - Old Stavanger: North Europe's best preserved wooden house settlement dating back to...

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Helicopter tours

GuideCompaniet offer several different helicopter tours but the one below is the most popular one: BEST SELLER! Flying for 30 minutes east towards the mountains will take you over the city of Jørpeland and up to the majestic Pulpit Rock...

Home visit


Home visit

This tour will give you an insight into the Norwegian way of living. During your visit to a typical Stavanger home you will meet your host, tour their house, and exchange stories over a cup of coffee or tea and Norwegian waffles. Duration: 1,5...

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Utstein Monastery

On the western tip of Mosterøy island lays one of the country's finest medieval buildings– the Utstein Monastery. This was one of the royal estates of King Harold Fairhair around year 1000 AD. King Harold Fairhair was the first king to claim sovereignty...

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A slice of scenic Norway

This tour includes all types of Norwegian landscape, from calm plains and sandy beaches to deep fjords and wild and majestetic mountains. The bus will take us along the North Sea Road crossing Jæren, with its unique nature and cultural landscape. One...



Deep Sea Fishing

We can arrange deep sea fishing tours. The price is per boat (From 1-12 people per boat). You can catch these types of fish: cod, whiting, haddock, grey gunard, pollack and coalfish. The tour includes fishing equipment, overall, boat and driver, and...

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On the trail of the Vikings

The Vikings were adventurous seafarers, from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They spread through Europe and the North Atlantic area in the period of the vigorous Scandinavian expansion (AD 800-1050) known as the Viking Age. On this tour you will learn more...

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Highlights of Stavanger

At Eiganes we pass the Ledaal manor, which is now used as a residence for our Royal family when visiting Stavanger. Our first stop is Hafrsfjord and the Swords in Rock. These three big swords is a monument of a historical sea battle in 872 AD when the...



Taste of Stavanger

Stavanger has the finest and best preserved wooden house settlement in Northern Europe. This tasty city walk starts with a walk through idyllic area of Old Stavanger. Right in the heart of Old Stavanger is the Norwegian Canning Museum. We will visit...



City walk and beer tasting

We start with a walk through Gamle Stavanger, the old part of Stavanger. This is Europe’s best preserved wooden house settlement, consisting of more than 170 houses. Continuing by foot we pass the harbour and local market to Stavanger Cathedral. Built...

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From oil to oil

Stavanger has always looked to the sea to help itself out of economic crisis. It started with the herring, sailing ships and sprattus, and in modern times it is the oil and gas from the North Sea that has given the country, region and city its economic...



The dark side of Stavanger

The tour starts at the ruins on the north side of the Cathedral where we learn about the conditions in the prison cells in the basement of the town hall which was on this site in the late 14th century. The guide will speak how witches were dealt with...

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In the land of the trolls

The coach will take us through beautiful Norwegian landscape of valleys, rivers and mountains- the land of the trolls. At Byrkjedalstunet we will stop for coffe and Norwegian pastry. Byrkjedalstunet has one of the biggest souvenir shops in Norway and...

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Viking Quest

Viking Quest On the Viking Quest tour you will travel through the land once covered by ice and governed by unruly winds, whispering voices of the Norse Gods can be heard... The wrath of the Norse Gods will descend upon this land unless you help...


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