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Old Stavanger on the west side of Vågen comprises 173 wooden buildings from the turn of the 18th century. Most of them are small, white cottages. Stavanger has received several awards for its efforts to preserve Old Stavanger.

This was one of three pilot projects carried out in Norway during the United Nations' Architectural Heritage Year in 1975.

Old Stavanger is a popular living area and many galleries and handicrafts' boutiques are located in this part of the city. Here are also Norwegian Canning Museum and Stavanger Maritime Museum.


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Norwegian Canning Museum

The Canning Museum is located in the premises of the former canning factory in Øvre Strandgate 88, which is a part of the city known as 'Gamle Stavanger' (Old Stavanger). In this authentic factory environment, the production of canned brisling and fish...

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Stavanger Maritime Museum

Stavanger Maritime Museum's exhibitions provide an insight into marine and general city history from the beginning of the 1800s and up to present time. Below are details. THE HERRINGTOWN, THE SHIPPING TOWN, THE PORT AND INDUSTRY TOWN,THE OIL...

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Watchmen's Museum in the Valberg tower

The Valberg tower (Valbergtårnet) was constructed from 1850 to 1853 and was the former observation tower of Stavanger. The architect was Chr. Grosch. The tower was the permanent lodging of the watchmen in Stavanger. Among their duties was to alert the...

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Alexander Kielland (1849 - 1906)

Alexander Lange Kielland was born in Stavanger on the 18th of February 1849. He belonged to one of the oldest merchant families in Stavanger, and he grew up in one of the city's most wealthy homes.

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Stavanger municipality

Stavanger is situated in the south-western corner of Norway by the Boknafjorden fjord. The climate is typical Atlantic ocean climate with mild winters and somewhat cooler summers than what is found further south in the country. The number of...

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Øvre Holmegate - The colourful street

A colourful street in the centre of Stavanger where all buildings have been painted in fresh and vibrant colours. The colourful street #fargegata This is perhaps the most colourful street in all of Norway, and is often referred to as Stavanger's...

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Byfjorden is the fjord that leads from the North Sea to Stavanger. The fjord is approximately 10.5 km and is the route for coastal traffic to Stavanger and the southern part of Ryfylke. Under the Byfjorden is a 6 km long tunnel between Randaberg and the...

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The Royal Estate (Kongsgård) by Stavanger Cathedral was used a residence by kings, bishops and regional governors. For more than 150 years it has served as a school with the name Stavanger Katedralskole. Stavanger Katedralschool has the oldest school...

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Blue Promenade

Stavanger's Blue Promenade starts at the Badedammen outdoor swimming area from where you can enjoy views of beautiful Ryfylke. It continues past the Fiskepir terminal where the ferries depart to Tau. You should visit Magasin Blaa, a shopping centre...

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Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger Cathedral is the only Norwegian cathedral from the Middle Ages that has kept its original appearance and been in continuous use. According to tradition the cathedral was built in the year 1125, after Sigurd Jorsalfarer named Stavanger a...

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