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Stavanger Cathedral is the only Norwegian cathedral from the Middle Ages that has kept its original appearance and been in continuous use. 

According to tradition the cathedral was built in the year 1125, after Sigurd Jorsalfarer named Stavanger a cathedral city. Bishop Reinald of Winchester was responsible for its construction. The church was built in Anglo-Norman style, probably by English craftsmen. The church patron saint is St. Svithun, and it is reputed that his arm was one of the original relics of the church.

In 1272 the cathedral was damaged by fire, after which it received a new chancel built in the Gothic style.

The pulpit is made by Andrew Smith in the 1650-ies and the stained glass by Victor Sparre i 1957.


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Stavanger municipality

Stavanger is situated in the south-western corner of Norway by the Boknafjorden fjord. The climate is typical Atlantic ocean climate with mild winters and somewhat cooler summers than what is found further south in the country. The number of...

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The Royal Estate (Kongsgård) by Stavanger Cathedral was used a residence by kings, bishops and regional governors. For more than 150 years it has served as a school with the name Stavanger Katedralskole. Stavanger Katedralschool has the oldest school...

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Old Stavanger

Old Stavanger on the west side of Vågen comprises 173 wooden buildings from the turn of the 18th century. Most of them are small, white cottages. Stavanger has received several awards for its efforts to preserve Old Stavanger. This was one of three...


The Missionary Museum

The Mission Museum, established in 1864, is Stavanger's oldest museum. The impressive collection of over 5,000 artifacts presents an interesting historical and ethnic perspective of missionary efforts in South Africa, Madagascar, Cameron, Mali, Ethiopia,...

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City ramble - Stavanger

Start your city ramble at the Breiavatnet lake, the city's radiant eye and in former times the city's great meeting place where people went skating in winter and fishing in summer. Having taken the path round the lake, we recommend a visit to...

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Øvre Holmegate - The colourful street

A colourful street in the centre of Stavanger where all buildings have been painted in fresh colours. This is perhaps the most colourful street in all of Norway, and it has been called Stavanger's "Notthing Hill". The area experienced a renaissance...

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Alexander Kielland (1849 - 1906)

Alexander Lange Kielland was born in Stavanger on the 18th of February 1849. He belonged to one of the oldest merchant families in Stavanger, and he grew up in one of the city's most wealthy homes.

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Pilgrim tour Stavanger - Trondheim

The new project coast pilgrim Rogaland–Nidaros will create travel and experience by means of the old pilgrim tour along the coast. The aim is to establish a travelling route from Rogaland to Trondheim along the coast as in the medival times....

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Frue kulturkirke

Frue kirke (church) is built in timber and was inaugurated in 1854. Nowadays the church is mostly used for concerts.   Wednesday concerts in Frue church (Hetland kirke) stated the Spring 2013 and has since then been a weekly concert offer.  The...

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