Don’t miss out on a chance to feature in the biking VM film!

Everyone in the region with a bike is invited to Kjellandsmyrå on Sunday the 4th of September at 2 pm. We are going to film the last part of the biking World Cup film on Sunday and want to get the whole community, big and small, on two and three wheels! Everyone can join in a mini-bike race along the motorway, which will be filmed from above!

Don’t miss out on a chance to feature in the biking World Cup film!

Sunday the 4th of September Stavanger Kommune has arranged Car-free  Sunday! Streets and roads will be full of people, games and laughter, culture and competition, bikes and rollerblades; all the different possibilities when the car is left at home. Companies, organizations, voluntary organizations and anyone who is interested is invited to liven up the streets. During this day you can get around by foot, bike or rollerblades.  You can experience art and culture and a lot of other exciting things in the area that you can’t experience fully from inside your car.

Region Stavanger and the head committee will be working during these days on the finishing touches of Stavanger’s application to host the biking World Cup in 2016. In addition to their paper application they are also submitting a film. Parts of this film are going to be filmed on this car-free Sunday. We are going to mobilize the whole city, big and small, to participate in a mini bike race. Part of this footage will be filmed from the air; the whole town gathered with an enthusiasm for biking to get the biking World Cup to Stavanger in 2016!

We also challenge all children to dress up themselves and their bikes; they can win bikes and other great prizes!

Sist oppdatert   9/16/2011  

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