New Iphone-App for our Dutch visitors!

Stavanger got its own Iphone-application developed as CityZapper-city of the month august.

New Iphone-App for our Dutch visitors!
Foto: Liv Kristina Bantel

CityZapper is a Dutch internet portal that gives their visitors "information about great restaurants, trendy bars, unique stores, what's on etc. on a city by city basis". Publisher of CityZapper Christian Clerx explains: "What makes CityZapper unique is that visitors to the site are able to put together a complete personalized city guide".

On their website you will find everything about what to see and do in the Stavanger Region. But in addition to the ordinary information about highlights, restaurants, museums, hotels, shopping, transportation, etc, CityZapper gives you the opportunity to generate your own personalized pdf-guide with only information about things YOU are really interested in. You can download your personal guide or order a paper version. By now CityZapper has 130 000 users – the newsletter about the Stavanger guide went out to 48 000 email addresses.

State of the art is the new Stavanger Iphone-application which you can download for free during august. This application which is developed by CityZapper in cooperation with Region Stavanger BA checks your current location with GPS navigation and then gives you detailed information about local sights, museums, restaurants, shopping, events, culture, transport, etc whereever you are. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! You can filter your hotspots, mark them as a favourite and locate them by keyword. CityZapper garantees "high quality editorial content that is always up to date and carefully selected by our staff. The interactive wheel is easy to use and great fun!"  

Try it yourself and discover Region Stavanger!  

The CityZapper Iphone App was selected App of the week by Apple in March 2011.

Sist oppdatert   10/12/2011   Av   Johannes Cornelis Apon

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