MS ”Stavangerfjord” and MS ”Bergensfjord”

These are the names of Fjord Line’s new cruiseferries on the route Bergen, Risavika close to Stavanger, Hirtshals and Langesund from 2012 resp. 2013. Then there will be daily departures from all ports!

MS ”Stavangerfjord” and MS ”Bergensfjord”
Photo: Fjord Line

MS “Stavangerfjord’s” maiden voyage  is scheduled for Monday, 1st October next year. Today’s MS “Bergensfjord” will arrive Bergen for the last time that day at 8 am, and at 2 pm the new MS “Stavangerfjord” is going to start her first trip to Risavika close to Stavanger, Hirtshals and Langesund. The ticket sale for the maiden voyage opens already on Monday, 14st November.

The new MS “Bergensfjord” will be introduced on the same route about six months later. Fjord Line can then offer daily departures at the same time from all ports on the route. The ferries are going to leave Risavika at 9 pm, and will arrive in Hirtshals the following morning at 6.30 am. Coming from Hirtshals the times are exactly contrariwise.

“The times are totally perfect”, says Fjord Line’s sales and market director Eva S. Mellgren, “ you arrive rested early in the morning and can utilize the whole day for activities”. She also points out that Fjord Line offers different categories for its guests: both for passengers wanting to eat an excellent dinner à la carte and for those just taking a small bite on the deck outside.

Ståle Brandshaug, general manager at Region Stavanger, is also looking forward to the new ferries with regular timetables: “Regarding the ferry supply in our region it is kind of a revolution that the boat has daily departures, comes early in the morning and leaves late in the evening. We wish to cooperate actively with Fjord Line and Fjord Norway to visualize and sell good experiences in the Stavanger region”.

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