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Norway's best surf is found along the beaches of Jæren. This stretch of coastline invites you to explore the North Sea for wind and waves. The spots range from easy and gentle beginner beaches, to the more demanding and better boulder rock points, which doesn't work as often as the beaches.

The summer season is most welcoming for beginners, while the late autumn and winter has more exciting conditions, rewarding for those who brave the colder temperatures. Modern wetsuits and equipment open the entire winter season for  both wave-, wind- and kitesurfing. Especially suited for beginner level surfing are Sola beach, Hellestø beach, Sele point/beach, Bore beach, Brusand and Ogna beach.

Windsurfing and kiting is a popular activity at at the Solastrand beach due to its relatively sheltered wave conditions even in strong winds (S-SW). For reliable and detailed wind forecast, go to Talk to the surf shops in Stavanger for local knowledge about the conditions. Please respect local landowners and agriculture when travelling and parking along the Jæren landscape. 

Surfing with accommodation
Several hotels in the region offer packages with surfing and accommodation:
Scandic Airport Hotel 
Sola Strand Hotel 

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Kite surfing

The beaches of Jæren are excellent for those who practice the sport of kite surfing. The Sola beach is popular among kiters....

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Viste bay/Viste beach

Sandy beach by Viste Strandhotell, about 2 km from Randaberg town centre. Transport: Bus number 8 from Stavanger to Viste Strandhotell. Takes around 30 minutes....

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Bore beach

Borestranden is 3 kilometre long and one of the finest beaches in Norway. Toilets and kiosk at camping grounds. Signposted parking area. Located along Fv 507. Access: With your own or with rented car. Driving time from Stavanger is around 30-40...

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Ogna beach

Ogna beach is sandy with rocky shoreline, polished rock faces and a river mouth. Parking, follow the signs. Kiosk at the camping. Accessible walking paths. Transport: Train to Ogna station (50 minutes from Stavanger). Follow walking path north along...

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Orre beach

Orrestranden beach is three km long. Toilets and sale of food at the recreation centre, Friluftshuset where there are also barbeque facilities. The Jæren beaches are protected landscape and in addition flowers and birds are protected at Orre beach....

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Refsnes beach

Refsnesstranden beach is 1.5 km long. Toilets at parking area. Located alongside Fv507. Signposted parking. ...

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Sande beach

A splendid sandy beach with sand dunes, located 4 km from Randaberg towards Tungenes Lighthouse. For surfing is the beach best with wind from northwest/west and southwest. Northwest vind gives flat water inside - perfect for speed and jibb exercise....

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Sele beach

Sele beach streches north and south from Sele harbour where you will find parking and toilets. Nice sandy beach south to the river Figgjo, mixed gravel and sandy beach north from the harbour. Sele is one of the best places for surfing on wind from...

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Sola beach

Solastranden is a 2,3 km long beach close to the airport. It is one of the most popular beaches in the Stavanger region, and a well used spot for wind- and watersports. Also, Sola Golfcourse is found just south of the Solastranden beach. Kiosk and...

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Vigdel beach (Vigdelstranden)

A bay with a sandy shoreline between Tjelta and Ræge. Toilets adjacent to the beach. Access: With car/rental car: take road 509 from Stavanger direction Stavanger International Airport Sola, take the exit onto the Flyplassvegen/rv 509. In the...

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Brusand beach

Brusand beach, popular sandy beach sheltered by sand dunes, access via walkpath in the north end of the beach - distance 400 m from Fv.44, main road. Alternatively, access through Brusand camping area. Parking, toilet available along the walkpath down to...

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