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Sørmarka Arena is a multiuse hall with facilities for skating, curling and climbing. The ‘Penguin rink’ (Pingvinbanen) and the Pitch (Isbingen) are skating rinks where all type of skates are allowed. We have 25 sweet penguins for the kids to play with. Pingvinbanen are not used for training and are be available most of the time. The Pitch are used for training, so check the webkalender at to see when it is available. The 400 meter skating rink is of international measurements, with plenty of space for everyone. Remember to wear speed skates only on the  speed skating rink. Tuesdays in the main season (Oct-March), the skating club has instructors on the 400 meter rink if you want to learn good technique.  

Sørmarka Arena with the 7 curling sheets are Norway’s biggest curling hall. Curling packages for groups can be booked beforehand online or send an email to  

The climbing wall at Sørmarka Arena is built to cater for users of all abilities to enjoy. New beginners through to top competition climbers will stretch their limits at our ‘monster wall’. The wall is 17 m high and covers about 1000 m². If you want to climb at Sørmarka Arena you need proof of your climbing and belaying proficiencies (Brattkort or Sikringskort/Belaycard). Equipment can be hired. Our ‘try and climb’ (Prøv å klatre) offer is for those with no climbing experience.

Entry tickets can be bought online or at the ticket machines in our reception. Payment are by card only. More information at

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